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Small Dent Repair

Our system is cheaper, faster and non-disruptive. Traditional panelshop methods mean that even with the smallest dent repair, the affected panel will need to be painted with a custom colour to match the age of your existing paint. Another great advantage of using us is that we can come to your home or work and repair the dent(s) without you having to go without your vehicle or drop it off to a workshop.

Hail Damage

Unfortunately hail damage is an all too common event for many vehicle owners and it can be a costly time consuming repair. But, not with us! We are among the most recommended of the hail damage repair service operators throughout Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. We can have a technician to you within 24hrs and 99% of the time, we can generally carry out the required repairs in one visit. Our experience counts!

Insurance Work

Due to our low cost dent repair service, most of our repairs are below the average excess value. However, for projects that do involve an insurance interest, we will work efficiently with your insurers to complete a job to your satisfaction and that of your insurance company. Our advanced methods are the most preferred option for all of the insurance companies, therefore, their approval to commence is often swift.

Paintless Repairs

By primarily utilising an internal method we can remove dents from your car doors, guards, body panels, boot, roof or bonnet using our experience and specialist tools. We make use of mirrors and a unique lighting system to highlight the depth of the dent and bring it back to original angle. Where internal access is restricted, we will use a glue pulling method and your paintwork is always protected.